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Provides interoperability between Actipro's WPF Editors and Grids products, making it easy to use Actipro's advanced editors in the PropertyGrid control. Documentation is available on the Actipro web site (https://www.actiprosoftware.com/docs/controls/wpf/index?v=22.1), and samples can be... More information
Grids contains advanced customizable property grid and tree controls for WPF applications. PropertyGrid is similar to the Visual Studio 'Properties' tool window where one or more data objects can be specified and their properties edited. TreeListBox is extremely fast, lightweight, and displays a... More information
PropertyGridHelpers are objects to help make a property grid work for you without a lot of work on your part. The idea is to provide the programmer with the attributes, converters and editors needed to edit values for a class or set of classes with a PropertyGrid. One place these can be used is... More information
CSharpGL wraps modern OpenGL features and some high-level common functions(text, scene, picking, UI etc) and offers general demostrations and documents. Inspired by SharpGL. For more information please check (http://bitzhuwei.github.io/CSharpGL/)
WTLPropertyGrid is a ProperyGrid build on top of WTL see https://www.viksoe.dk/code/propertygrid.htm for original code see https://github.com/janwilmans/wtl-and-friends for the updated code, also report issues here.