[4.5] Adds simple extensions methods to crypt and decrypt byte[] and string (hex or base64) + ToCryptoBufferAES + ToCryptoBase64StringAES + ToCryptoHexStringAES + FromCryptoBufferAES + FromCryptoBase64StringAES + FromCryptoHexStringAES + ToCryptoBuffer3DES + ToCryptoBase64String3DES +... More information
[4.0] ImageResizer simplify resizing and converting images as byte[] or Stream to and from any format supportin jpeg compression Newly extension methods: + ToResizedImage + ToByteArray + GetMimeType + GetImageFormat + GetBorderAveragedColor
The easiest way to have fixed thread number parallelism in LINQ on any processor environment! int threadNum=32; [my IEnumerable].GridEach(threadNum, x=> DoWork(x)); q:
[PortableLibrary] Questo assembly dedicato al mondo italiano contiene tutti i dati ISTAT relativi ai comuni aggiornato a febbraio 2018 Comuni (nomi, popolazione, altitudine, catastale) e regioni/province - IstatHelper.GetComuni() q:
The 'easiest' object-DB ever made based on SQL Server (any version) Repository class main methods: + Add, Find, Update, Delete, Exists + Indexed search (use KeyAttribute from DataAnnotation) + Ranged search + JSON Serialization + TryCreateDB + TryEnableTableCompression (SQL Ent only) NO... More information