* Zero code localization. You don't even have to use the [Display] attribute. * A MembershipProvider that uses the DependencyResolver and a few interfaces to make it easier to understand. * Better HtmlHelpers which lets you modify the HTML tags before they are written to the view. Read the... More information
A somewhat performant networking library written in C#. Helps you create well structured networking applications faster and easier.
  • 14,905 total downloads
  • last updated 2/27/2013
  • Latest version: 2.0.7
  • ado.net adonet fakes
A complete ADO.NET driver implementation. It's purpose is to aid unit testing of libraries which are dependent of ADO.NET See the project site for more detailed documentation.
  • 14,551 total downloads
  • last updated 11/14/2012
  • Latest version: 1.0.11
Adds an administration area used to handle localization of views, models and validation messages. By installing it, you get zero-code localization of your project.
Command/Query (CQS) library which enables to you use dependency injection in your Command/Query handlers. The CQS objects can be executed locally within the same process or through a client/server architecture. You can also scale the execution by using routing CQS objects or divide so that one... More information
A well-documented table plugin for jQuery which uses Ajax/JSON to fetch items. Supports jQueryUI, paging, theming and searching.
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  • last updated 5/5/2012
  • Latest version: 1.0.4
Contains an implementation of the membership provider and the localization features.