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  • CQS
A generic CQS (command, query separation) package for .Net Core
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  • Georadix CQS
Command Query Separation library part of Georadix.NET, a framework for building great .NET apps.
Command Query Separation for .NET Framework and .NET Standard ⚙️ ✔️ Build services that separate the responsibility of commands and queries ✔️ Focus on implementing the handlers for commands and queries ✔️ Create APIs with less boilerplate code 📄 https://hlaueriksson.me/CommandQuery/
Command/Query seperation library for WindowsAzure ServiceBus. This is NOT an officical Microsoft package. Allows you to use messaging within your application to make it easier to scale and create a loosely coupled architecture
Command Query Separation for ASP.NET Core 🌐 ✔️ Provides generic actions for handling the execution of commands and queries ✔️ Enables APIs based on HTTP POST and GET 📄 https://hlaueriksson.me/CommandQuery.AspNetCore/
Command/Query (CQS) library which enables to you use dependency injection in your Command/Query handlers. The CQS objects can be executed locally within the same process or through a client/server architecture. You can also scale the execution by using routing CQS objects or divide so that one... More information
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  • Command and query CQS
CommandAndQuery applies the CQS principle by using separate Query and Command objects to retrieve and modify data, respectively.
Lightweight library to implement CQRS principle with .NET Core applications.
Provides CQS-style generic contracts built over Functional.Primitives - IQueryHandler<TQuery, TResult> returning TResult - IAsyncQueryHandler<TQuery, TResult> returning Task<TResult> - ICommandHandler<TCommand, TError> returning Result<Unit, TError> - IAsyncCommandHandler<TCommand, TError> returning... More information