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Telimena is a platform for automated application updates and monitoring application usage (telemetry). It allows on-premise management of a number of applications across a number of developer teams. This nuget is a client which needs to be added to an application in order to enable the monitoring... More information
A multi-platform, multi-framework Selenium Test Lifecycle Manager on Java and .NET. Automates the WebDriver instantiation and configuration, providing an unified test log, clues for debugging and integration with CI platforms and Browser services
biz.dfch.CS.Entity.LifeCycleManager ============================== Allows managing the lifecycle of entities. Supports pre- and post-callouts/hooks. Internally the LifeCycleManager uses the [biz.dfch.CS.StateMachine](https://github.com/dfensgmbh/biz.dfch.CS.StateMachine). ## License... More information