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The easiest way to integrate your .net application with Pinch Payments. Create payers, add payments, receive webhooks, fetch payments, get paid. Really all the good stuff. It's for Australian businesses if you didn't already know. I'll assume you did if you got this far, if not, Welcome! but you... More information
This is a small bitmap library that provides direct memory access for fast pixel manipulation, animated gif support using native .net, font effects: borders and highlights, and simple scaling & rotation. Good for on-the-fly image generation in web or windows environments.
Provides a replacement supported implementation of DirectLineClient similar to the no-longer supported Microsoft.Bot.Connector.DirectLine package that is fully .NET Standard compliant and up-to-date Activity models. Also provides a high level abstraction for managing conversations using Direct Line,... More information
Features: - Create proxy objects that look exactly like the original objects ⭐ Last 10 features: - feat: Updated NuGet packages. 2022-01-19 - feat: Added ContinuousIntegrationBuild. 2021-11-29 - feat: Added separate H.ProxyFactory.Remote library. 2021-11-29 - feat: Added separate H.Ipc.Core... More information
EazySDK is an integration of the Eazy Collect API built in .NET Standard 2.0. Its core purpose is to provide a framework for developers already working with Eazy Collect to integrate Eazy Customer Manager into their platform. The framework provides functions designed to speed up the integration... More information