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A Railway Oriented Programming inspired library for C# based on the articles of Scott Wlaschin
The small ROP library from Scott Wlashin's note on Railway Oriented Programming
FunSharp - Railway oriented programming library in C#. Provides a functional programming approach to handle exceptions in an elegant way and to avoid NullReferenceExceptions.
Extends the FSharp.Control namespace to add Operations, a Railway-Oriented Programming framework compatible with Async Worfklows and the Task Parallel Library (TPL), including a Computation Expression Builder and library functions.
Mayhap is a tiny C# library inspired by Scott Wlaschins Railway Oriented Programming. Its goal is to simplify typical success/fail logic flows.
Provides a fully-featured Option type, aka a Maybe type, with several companion helpers (parsing, LINQ). An Option type allows to represent objects that are either something (a value or a reference) or nothing. Nullable Reference Types (NRT) do not count since they are not actual .NET types but... More information
Synonms Functional library is an implementation of the 'Railway' programming paradigm plus some other functional bells and whistles.