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基于开源orm框架PetaPoco 实现Sql语句帮助器,不使用反射、lambda等,效率更高,使用更方便。通过表、列描述类,可以借用开发工具的提示完成Sql编写。详见http://www.cnblogs.com/guozhong111/p/7076556.html helper.Build<ORG_USER.SqlAttr, ORG_DEPARTMENT.SqlAttr>((f, t, c) => f.Select(t.ID, t.NAME, t.BIND_IP, t.DESCRIPTION, c.NAME.Alias("CNAME"), c.FAX,... More information
PetaPoco.NetCore is a fork of PetaPoco based, add .netcore support,support .netframework and .netcore,petapoco is A high performance Micro-ORM on dotnet supporting SQL Server, MySQL, Sqlite, SqlCE, Firebird etc,support a query and map,and support Multi Mapping, Multiple Results
Some basic scaffolding to give you a controller and views for your Poco. This is more of a pre release than a final version, much more to come and would appreciate all feedback positive and negative. Be aware this initial release relies on you naming your poco's with the suffix "Poco".