Creates an "unbound" colour picker based on the Spectrum jquery plugin. By unbound, we mean that colours aren't pre-defined, allowing the user to choose a color of their own. For more information about Spectrum, go here: If you want to customise the settings for... More information
  • 35,855 total downloads
  • last updated 2/28/2022
  • Latest version: 3.0.0
A generic Email Library built around the .Net 4.5 System.Net.Mail set of classes. SMTP Email Functionality includes Mail Merge and HTML/Plain text alternate views.
Provides the ability to send email from within Umbraco based on a POCO model and Content Email Templates. This package extends UmbracoHelper providing a SendFormData extension method to send emails using specified Content nodes as templates.
Adds a MemberListView dashboard to the Members area in Umbraco 8.6+ to allow easier management of members including approval and unlocking capabilities. For Umbraco 7.15 install version 1.5.5
Provides Front-End registration and account-management services for Umbraco Members. Version 2.0.1 targets Umbraco 7.3 and has been re-written to be more flexible allowing for profile registration for multiple Member Types.
Provides functionality to count the number of times content has been viewed in a webpage. Can be configured with different categories so that multiple views can be applied to the same document type.