This is a C#.Net solution that provides the capability to easily render Pdf files with a templating approach using your choice of templating technology (e.g. Xslt, Razor Mvc templates, or custom) and the legacy Fonet XslFO in-memory rendering egine. It's based on the Xsl-FO standard for robust paged... More information
The Azure Service Bus publishing/messaging & receiving implementation of the SqlTransactionalOutbox framework. A lightweight library & framework for implementing the Transactional Outbox pattern in .Net with default implementaions for SQL Server & messaging via Azure Service Bus. Some of the key... More information
Extension package for the LazyCacheHelpers Library to provide easy to use helpers to read cache configuration values from App.Config or Web.config files using System.Configuration; making things like enabling/disabling and dynamic fallback from specialized to generalized config values much easier to... More information