• 24,400 total downloads
  • last updated 3/23/2016
  • Latest version: 1.0.0
A disposeable class that allows access to a UNC resource with credentials.
  • 21,566 total downloads
  • last updated 8/31/2015
  • Latest version: 1.14.1
Collection of utility classes for common .NET tasks.
  • 15,441 total downloads
  • last updated 2/15/2015
  • Latest version: 0.3.0
WPF based PDF viewer control.
  • 5,221 total downloads
  • last updated 7/17/2015
  • Latest version: 1.0.4
Protobuf protocol implementation for ReactiveSockets.
JsonConfig is a simple to use configuration library, allowing JSON based config files for your C#/.NET application instead of cumbersome web.config/application.config xml files. It is based on JsonFX and C# 4.0 dynamic feature. Allows putting your programs config file into .json files, where a... More information