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A simple and sane data generator for populating objects that supports different locales. A delightful port of the famed faker.js and inspired by FluentValidation. Use Bogus to create UIs with fake data or seed databases. Get started by using Faker class or a DataSet directly.
AutoPoco is a highly configurable framework for the purpose of fluently building readable test data from Plain Old CLR Objects. This is a modernized (i.e. dotnet core 2.0.0) port of the AutoPoco project. AutoPoco replaces manually written object mothers/test data builders with a fluent interface and... More information
A library composed of free, open source data from the US Government to help people learn to use LINQ without the requirements of needing an external database. This data is not regularly updated. It must not be used for legitimate medical purposes. The available drugs in this package are those... More information