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Ultimate Time for .NET
Supports the Network Time Protocol (RFC-1305). Supports the Time Protocol (RFC-868). Supports the Daytime Protocol (RFC-867). Supports conversion between NTP time and .NET time. Supports both SNTP (version 3) and NTP(version 4). Provides access to all NTP packet fields. The library can be used in... More information
ObservableList and ObservableListSynchronizer
This library implements an extendable ObservableList<T>, which generates INotifyCollectionChanged events, works when downcast, and can wrap IList<T>, and ObservableListSynchronizer<TSource,TDestination> which synchronizes two related ObservableLists<T>. The ObservableList implmenents IList,... More information
.NET library for file synchronization based on Rsync algorithm. Optimized for speed and data size to achieve best network performance.