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Syncfusion chromeless window for WPF is a .NET UI library for creating customizable windows for WPF applications. Key features: • Window title bar can be customized by changing the background and foreground colors. • Resize border size and color can be customized. Support: Incident:... More information
The Syncfusion Busy Indicator for WPF control provides over 13 built-in animations that can be displayed within the application. It is used to indicate busy status during app loading, data processing, and more. Key features: • Option available to enable/disable animation. • Display customized... More information
Syncfusion PropertyGrid for WPF is a .NET UI library that provides an interface for browsing the properties of an object with support for custom editors, category editors, sorting, and grouping. The PropertyGrid control supports several built-in editors, and custom or category editors can also be... More information
Syncfusion color palette for WPF is a .NET UI library which allows users to select a color from a set of swatches using touch navigation. Key features: • Provides nearly 600 predefined solid colors. • Change the selected color in the control with mouse or touch interaction. Learn more:... More information
The Syncfusion Report Designer for WPF is a .NET control package to create and edit reports in RDL formats within a .NET application. Key features: • Popular data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, OLEDB, and ODBC are supported. • A rich selection of built-in report items, including... More information
Syncfusion TreeMap for WPF control provides a simple and effective way to visualize flat or hierarchical data as clustered rectangles with a specific, weighted attribute determining the size of each rectangle. This control has highly customizable features such as displaying hierarchical and... More information
The Syncfusion Navigation Drawer for WPF is a simple component to create navigation pane in applications. It has a content area and a sliding pane that slides out from the edge of the page. The pane can be opened by swiping the edges of the screen or programmatically. Key features: • Pane... More information
The Syncfusion.SfProgressBar package supports both Linear ProgressBar (SfLinearProgressBar) and Circular ProgressBar (SfCircularProgressBar). The progressbar control provides a customizable visual to indicate the progress of a task. Key features : • Visualizes the progress in different shapes,... More information
Syncfusion Spreadsheet Helper for WPF is a .NET library that allows the user to load charts and sparklines into a spreadsheet. Key features: • Support for importing charts from Excel. Can be defined at run time. • Support for importing sparklines from Excel which visually represent data in a... More information
Syncfusion grouping is a .NET library that provides classes and interfaces to process data-related operations like sorting, grouping, filtering, summaries, and expressions fields for the Syncfusion grid grouping control. Learn more:... More information
Syncfusion System theme for WPF contains the style resources that changes the look and feel of a WPF application like windows operating system theme. Documentation: https://help.syncfusion.com/wpf/themes/getting-started?utm_source=nuget&utm_medium=listing Support: Incident:... More information
The Syncfusion cell grid control for WPF is a cell-oriented grid that contains its own data and does not need to be bound to the data source. It can be easily customized down to the cell level. It can be used in a virtual manner in which the data is provided on-demand in real time, or it can be used... More information
Syncfusion Essential PDF is a .NET PDF library used to create, read, and edit PDF files in any WPF application. Key features: • Create, edit, fill, and flatten AcroForm and XFA form fields. • Merge, split, rearrange, and remove pages. • Create accessible PDF (PDF/UA) from scratch. • Create... More information
Syncfusion PDF viewer for WPF is a 100 percentage managed .NET component that gives you the ability to view, review and print PDF documents from your WPF applications. Key features: • High performance (instant loading, less runtime memory, virtualized pages). • Better viewing experience with... More information