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  • Ranges
Create ranges of all types that implement IComparable and more.
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  • intervals ranges
Intervals that represent a set of valid values between generic IComparables and can have an arbitrary number of pairs of lower and upper bounds, closed or open (for example: (-9,10]∪(80,100]). Support Contains - O(log n), Union, SymmetricDifference, Intersect, Complement and Length - O(n)... More information
A library for working with intervals and sets. Includes a generic interface so that intervals of any type may be created.
Contains a collection of helper methods for generating ranges of arbitrary type. Adds also iterators for common collections.
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  • C++ Native Ranges
LinksPlatform's Platform.Ranges is a Template Library what contains set of C++ abstract class templates. Use Platform.Ranges.h file to include the library.