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  • radius radius-net
This project purpose a .Net library to authenticate with a Radius server.
Radius server library. Implement IRadiusPacketHandler and handle packets. For an example server implementation hosted in a windows service, see: https://github.com/vforteli/RadiusServerService/tree/Base
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  • Radius NET
This is a fork from github.com/frontporch/Radius.NET, ported to .Net Standard and some improvements like Disconnect-Message Support.
Create BlurEffect object and call ApplyAsync method, you shall pass the Bitmap object that will be modified, also you shall pass the blur radius in pixels. As the blur radius increases, the bluriness is increased as well.
Components for embedding secure user authentication into web, desktop, and mobile apps. Supports OAuth, RADIUS, Kerberos, Claims-based auth, LDAP, and more. Before using the product a valid license must be installed. To activate a 30-day trial license navigate to the package installation directory... More information