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SqlKata by: amd
A powerful Dynamic Sql Query Builder supporting Sql Server, MySql, PostgreSql, Oracle and Firebird
A fluent, portable URL builder. To make HTTP calls off the fluent chain, check out Flurl.Http.
QueryBuilder allows you to create queries against a database, describing them as an object, without using tools such as LinqToSql, ORM, etc. and generate their SQL code in the syntax of the DBMS used
These are the implemented engines for Suilder: MySQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, SQLite and SQL Server.
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  • last updated 9/15/2019
  • Latest version: 1.2.1
  • sql query builder
Suilder is a SQL query builder for .NET. It is focused on the use of alias objects to reference tables and column names, there are different types of alias, that can use strings or lambda expressions, and support translation of names. The queries are built by combining smaller query fragments,... More information