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This library provides attributes-based compile-time AOP framework. Create your aspect by marking class with [Aspect], its methods with [Advice] and create trigger attribute with [Injection]. That's it! Cross-cutting concerns made easy! Just apply your attribute where you need and... More information
QtPropertyObserver is library for .NET WPF. This Library can help the properties setter auto complete NofityPropertyChanged. Get more help on sample code. Supported Platform: .Net Framework 4+ 让Property的setter自动调用PropertyChanged方法,避免写一个私有变量,再写一个属性,主要用于WPF程序。使用说明请参阅sample。 支持的平台: .Net Framework... More information
This package provides simple INotifyPropertyChanged aspect. Put [Notify] attribure on your properties or a whole class. You can use [NotifyAlso] attributes to notify other dependant properties. Powered by AspectInjector.