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This assembly provides native LLVM dynamic libraries for Win32 and x64. Just call LLVMDLL.Load, and native LLVM DLL matching your current architecture will be loaded. This resolves references to LLVM-3.3 from P/Invoke.
A compiler, runtime, and API for GP-GPU computing using C# or any other NET language, for Windows and Ubuntu x64.
Embed libclang binaries as assembly resources. To retrieve the embedded resources, use Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream("Native.LibClang.LLVM.zip");
LLVM by: lost
This project provides .NET binding to LLVM dynamic library for Win32 and x64. To get the native library itself, you can reference LLVM.NativeLibrary from NuGet, and call LLVMDLL.Load. This will preload an LLVM DLL that matches your current processor architecture.
.NET Low Level Interop Bindings for Ubiquity.LibLLVM. Direct use of this low level API is discouraged, instead you should use the Llvm.NET package, which provides a full C# object model projection of the LLVM APIs on top of this library.