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Adds the Breeze service for Angular apps from Breeze Labs. The service configures breeze to use the angular model library, to use the app's $q for promises, and the app's $http for ajax calls. Also pulls in the Breeze Labs breeze angular directives for validation and the core breezejs client... More information
Get AngularJS directives and related assets to support your Breeze+Angular applications. Most prominent is the zValidate directive that exposes entity validation errors to the UI and displays a required indicator next to input controls bound to a property with a "required" validator.
Generates an "Entity Data Model" (EDM) from an Entity Framework DbContext. This EDM can produce the metadata Breeze needs to manage a corresponding JavaScript entity model on the client including the foreign key properties necessary to maintaining associations. This builder replaces the... More information
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  • last updated 8/31/2014
  • Latest version: 1.0.8
  • breeze labs angular
Makes it easier to code your own Breeze metadata in JavaScript. See the Breeze documentation starting at http://www.breezejs.com/breeze-labs/breezemetadata-helperjs
Configure your SharePoint 2010 solution or 2013 app for Breeze and Angular with this convenience package that combines all of the Breeze client packages you'll need for a SharePoint Breeze/Angular application.
SDK to manage Myo EMG Armband by Thalmic Labs. The SDK allows you to manage events poses, gestures, sensors data in your Universal Apps.
Replaces Breeze's default "BreezeConfig" with a derived version that overrides the Json.Net serialization setting responsible for the $type name property of the JSON sent to the client. Turns the really nasty, long dynamic or anonymous type names into acceptabe shorter names such as... More information
This is the first publicly available .NET wrapper developed for Qualys SSL Labs Assessment API's that allow the consumer to test SSL servers on the public internet. This wrapper easies the communication to the API's for .NET developers which allows you as the developer to focus on your project... More information