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This easy-to-use, redistributable package of the Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft .NET managed client object models in Microsoft SharePoint 2013 enables developers to reference the client object model.‚Äč The package includes a comprehensive collection of client-side object model (CSOM) DLLs.
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This NuGet package includes assemblies needed to use the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Client Object Model for .NET managed applications : - Microsfot.Sharepoint.Client.dll Version= - Microsfot.Sharepoint.Client.Runtile.dll Version= - no use for Msoidclil.dll anymore
Developer library for creating SharePoint client (CSOM) projects and apps. Kraken is a battle tested library for developing SharePoint applications that's been around since before 2010 and is used in many projects. This package includes libraries for developing client applications (CSOM) including... More information
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This package contains the Patterns and Practices for SharePoint 2010.