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  • last updated 9/18/2018
  • Latest version: 0.9.1
Library for interprocedure communications and remote procedure calls
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  • last updated 6/29/2019
  • Latest version: 0.0.24
  • Process IPC
synchronise processes using shared file, every process try to lock a file
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  • ipc process http
A tiny .NET library to do inter-process communication (IPC) between different processes on the same machine.
Simple Event Bus Library for .NET .NET Framework 4.5 (4.6 or later) and .NETCoreApp 1.0 (or later) is officially supported
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  • last updated 10/8/2014
  • Latest version: 0.0.5
  • sockets F# async ipc
Implements a simple API for creating async socket clients and servers that can exchange raw bytes or binary messages. Imagined as a lightweight managed async zeromq replacement focusing on TCP sockets. Strives to be portable to Mono.
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  • last updated 1/29/2019
  • Latest version: 3.7.5
  • rpc ipc http
a .net interface based rpc framework using http protocol.
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  • last updated 9/24/2019
  • Latest version: 1.4.0
  • IPC NamedPipes RPC
Provides a simple IPC over named pipes, easy to use, based on RPC.
.NET Soundpad Connector - Remote control API - Soundpad Connector provides an API to programmatically interact with a local Soundpad instance.
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  • last updated 10/31/2018
  • Latest version: 1.0.0
  • ipc rpc mmf
Simple RPC Service for IPC with memory mapped files as backend
CrossChannel is a framework for simple peer-to-peer (P2P) and inter-process communication (IPC).
Create named pipe servers that can handle multiple client connections simultaneously. Send strongly-typed messages between clients and servers: any serializable .NET object can be sent over a pipe and will be automatically serialized/deserialized, including cyclical references and complex object... More information