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Start developing your Elgato StreamDeck plugin faster! This library encapsulates all the overhead of setting up the framework, so that you can focus on writing the logic of the plugin itself. [Samples for using the library are provided here: https://github.com/BarRaider/streamdeck-tools] Using... More information
Class library with built-in functions for creating and managing decks of cards, expandable for different card games. (Uno, MTG, Hearthstone etc)
Library for creating a virtual playing card deck to draw standard playing cards from. Visit the GitHub repository for more information.
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  • last updated 2/12/2022
  • Latest version: 1.0.0
  • Card Deck
TehDeck is a .NET API designed to ease the creation of custom Cards and Decks for games.
Anki.NET allows you to create Anki decks and cards from your C# application.