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The core Subterran library. Does not include rendering or input classes.
Otter by: kpulv
Otter is a 2d game development framework built on SFML.Net. It's primarily meant for PC, Mac, and Linux games.
UrhoSharp is a lightweight Game Engine suitable for using with C# and F# to create games that run on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Unix. The game engine is available as a portable class library, allowing your game code to be written once and shared across all platforms. UrhoSharp is powered by... More information
CocosSharp is a simple game engine typically used for 2D games, educational software and 2D visualizations. This code allows games to be built with a write-once, run-anywhere approach.
This tiny library wraps some basic functions of the Steam WebAPI for C# such as getting profile informations for users, their owned games and play time, current online status and more.
Ghul by: Meduax
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  • last updated 10/27/2017
  • Latest version: 0.0.3-beta1
  • ghul core games
A collection of helper classes for writing PC games targeting .NET.