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Converts a IDomainResult-based object (returned from the Domain Layer) to various ActionResult-based types providing 20+ static extension methods. To be used in Web API projects to accompany 'DomainResult.Common' package used in the Domain Layer.
Decouples domain operation results from ActionResult-based types of Web API. Provides: - data types for returning from domain operations (wraps up the returned value and adds operation status with error messages if applicable); - 50+ extension methods to effortlessly form the desired response.
This ActionResult class for ASP.NET MVC allows you to send a binary contents response that can cache based on Etag, and/or last modified date, to web browser. If the cache hit, this class send "HTTP 304 Not Modified" without calling contents retrieving callback. / この ASP.NET MVC ActionResult クラスは... More information
PDF can be made by simply returning return new PdfResult() in ASP.NET MVC which will show a PDF in the browser or you can use PdfBytes class to get html converted to pdf bytes . There are multiple overloads available for you to select an data object or a action other than your current... More information