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TaxJar makes sales tax filing easier for online sellers and merchants. See local jurisdictional tax reports, get payment reminders, and more. You can use our API to access TaxJar API endpoints, which can get information on sales tax rates, categories or upload transactions.
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.NET SDK for Taxify.co API
VAT number validator. This version contains validation for EU countries only. You can view the on-line help using this link https://firewallapi.asp-waf.com/?topic=html/T-Walter.Vat.EuropeanVatInformationQuery.htm and get some code samples to help you get started. This package exposes... More information
Helper library to calculate GST, Subtotal, and Total from invoice line items the same way as Xero is calculating it on their end. By using this library no price calculation variation by a couple of cents should be happening.