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DEPRECATED: use package without "-signed". DotNetty is a port of netty framework. It is an asynchronous event-driven network application framework for rapid development of maintainable high performance protocol servers and clients.
Mina.NET is the .NET implementation of Apache MINA, a network application framework which helps users develop high performance and high scalability network applications easily. It provides an abstract event-driven asynchronous API over various transports such as TCP/IP via async socket.
请在最终运行的项目中配置服务端参数,文件名规则为:*.cloud.server.config.json,以下为参考配置: { //协议配置,可以是单个对象,或数组 //可以不填写 "protocol": [ { //名称,可以不填写 "name": "default", //数据,不填写默认为json "data": { //类型:json,xml,treePackage,soap,custom... More information