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NupenGL Core
This library adds the various libraries to your project that are required to build OpenGL applications on both the x86 and x64 architectures. Includes FreeGLUT, GLFW and GLEW.
GLFW is an Open Source, multi-platform library for creating windows with OpenGL contexts and receiving input and events. It is easy to integrate into existing applications and does not lay claim to the main loop. GLFW is written in C and has native support for Windows, OS X and many Unix-like... More information
Pencil.Gaming Library
An open-source, cross-platform gaming library for C# with bindings for OpenGL, OpenAL, GLFW and Lua.
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  • last updated 7/3/2017
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  • glfw
Object oriented wrapper binding for GLFW 3.2.1
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  • last updated 5/14/2019
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  • Glfw Glfw3 .NET
Glfw3.NETCore is an up-to-date set of cross-platform C# bindings for GLFW 3 targeting .NET Core 3.0.