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This package gives Xamarin support for Swift3. Its responsibility is to manage Swift3 runtime libraries between Simulator and Device. Each descendant package will include a different runtime library.
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Please see https://github.com/symbolspace/Symbol/wiki/Symbol.dll for more information.
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My package description.
Object Implements base class with a facility for safe finalization/garbage collection for subclasses. AssemblyHelper Extracts metadata (e.g. title, description, and version) from the process executable in the default application domain (=the assembly that was loaded first when your application... More information
The core module for Pixel Horror Studios. This package contains events and models for network payloads for Client or Server connections. This package is used as a base module for many different applications including but not limited to: Allie.Chat, The Monitaur, Tcp.NET, WebsocketsSimple, and... More information
Exceptions project contains base exception and typed exception that you can use in order to throw errors known to the domain. In a webapi, a handler will capture these errors and generate a formatted output.
Serialization of Exceptions project contains common classes for DTO purposes during exceptions serialization and deserialization in an exception handling. In case of a business error, the DTO BadRequestError reflect CoreException properties that can be displayed externally; in case of a system... More information
It is based on NETCORE. This is the basic class library of the framework, which mainly provides the basic functional support needed for running. At the same time, it also provides rich tools for web development.