FarNet.template 1.2.1

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dotnet new install FarNet.template::1.2.1
This package contains a .NET Template Package you can call from the shell/command line.


FarNet module template for C# and F# projects

With .NET SDK installed with Visual Studio 2017+ or manually, the easiest way to create module projects for FarNet is using FarNet.template from the NuGet gallery.

Projects created from the template can be used for development and debugging in Visual Studio and VSCode.

.NET Core is not supported at the moment, see #16.

To install the FarNet module template from the NuGet gallery, run:

dotnet new -i FarNet.template

Take a look at all templates:

dotnet new -l

The list should contain "FarNet module":

Templates       Short Name   Language   Tags
FarNet module   farnet       [C#], F#   FarNet/Module

To create a C# (default) or F# module project, create a new folder with your new FarNet module name, change to it, and run:

dotnet new farnet
dotnet new farnet -lang F#

To uninstall the template, run:

dotnet new -u FarNet.template

Created FarNet module

Before opening created projects in Visual Studio or VSCode ensure you have the environment variable FARHOME set to the Far Manager home. If it is missing then the development location C:\Bin\Far\x64 is used, see the project file and change if needed. If you start Visual Studio or VSCode from Far Manager then FARHOME is set.

Visual Studio

The project is ready to use in Visual Studio.



Project details

  • .vscode
    • launch.json - VSCode debug settings
    • tasks.json - VSCode build task
  • Properties
    • launchSettings.json - Visual Studio debug settings
  • Name.csproj or Name.fsproj - project file
  • README.md - documentation file
  • Host.cs or Host.fs - optional module host
  • Tool1.cs or Tool1.fs - plugin menu item "Hello"

All projects reference assemblies FarNet and optional FarNet.Tools.

F# projects reference FSharp.Core.dll and optional FarNet.FSharp.dll. They are installed together with the module FarNet.FSharpFar (really must have if you develop in F# for Far Manager).

When you build a project the post build step copies built files to the FarNet module directory. Ensure Far Manager is not running to avoid files in use.

The module created from the template adds a "Hello" item to the Far Manager plugin menus. This item shows a message box.


Press [F5] to starts debugging of your module. Debug modes:

  • Start Far (Visual Studio, VSCode default mode)
    • The build step is called at first and then debugging starts. Far.exe should be in the path or you should adjust settings.
  • Attach single Far (select in VSCode)
    • Attach to the already running single Far.exe.
  • Attach selected Far (select in VSCode)
    • Choose one of the several running Far.exe.

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Add Host.cs, Host.fs, README.md.