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Abstractions for GC library
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BERT library for C# Currently in Beta version. API might change
Pre-release version. API might change later. A lemma is the canonical form of the word. For example, the words "run", "runs", "ran" and "running" can be lemmatized to "run" XLemmatizer tokenizes and lemmatizes English sentences. How to use: 1) Creates a new instance of Lemmatizer 2) Calls... More information
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A .NET library for reading and writing DEB files. Extremely fast, flexible, and easy to use.
XTextCategorizer is a binary, supervised learning text classifier, using Convolutional Neural Network architecture Usage: 1) Creates a new instance of TextCategorizer 2) Calls Train(samples) to train the text categorizer 3) Calls Predict(samples) to make prediction You can also save/load the... More information