A generic graph object for your own needs to implement syntax trees and similar constructs. Provides you with a name/value/children type of graph object, where your value can be any object type you wish. The project encapsulates the C# implementation of Hyperlambda, implying its lambda node... More information
Expression support for magic.node, giving you expressions resembling XPath to query your magic.node graph objects, in addition to other helper methods, such as the ability to read and generate string literals, convert between types, generate and parse Hyperlambda, etc.
Helper project for Magic to wire up everything easily by simply adding one package, and invoking two simple methods. When using Magic, this is (probably) the only package you should actually add, since this package pulls in everything else you'll need automatically, and wires up everything sanely by... More information
A microscopic and super dynamic scripting language and DSL for .Net Core, based upon Hyperlambda syntax, and Super Signals. This project is the Hyperlambda core implementation (keywords) for Magic.
A generic and dynamic SQL data adapter, allowing you to generate SQL dialects, specific to your database type, such as MySQL or SQL Server. This is the core base class data adapter for Magic
Magic endpoint is a dynamic Hyperlambda endpoint evaluator, allowing you to create HTTP REST API endpoints dynamically, that will execute a Hyperlambda file when evaluated, where the URL is a reference to the physical path on disc to your Hyperlambda file.
Microsoft SQL Server helper slots for Magic, allowing you to easily connect to an SQL Server database, and read, update, delete and insert into your database.