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This package contains a .NET client library for the DigiData REST Service. It is made up of a .NET assembly (and its dependent assemblies) that respects the RESTful approach of the DigiData REST Service rather than, say, mapping the REST service RPC function calls. We have attempted to create it... More information
SystemWrapper is a library that wraps .NET classes for system resources like System.IO.FileInfo, System.Reflection.Assembly, and many other classes so you can easily mock them. This particular build of SystemWrapper is strongly-named from revision 94877.
This package contains a C# implementation of the RFC3394 key-wrapping algorithm. The assembly provides two simple operations: one to wrap key data, and another to unwrap the key data. A comprehensive unit test library is available at the package URL which ensures that the implementation is... More information
Microsoft.Speech managed code class library for x64 runtimes. To use this package, you must have the Microsoft Speech SDK installed. This package includes two Microsoft.Speech library versions, all for x64 runtimes: * For .NET Framework - .NET Standard 2.0 targets, a recompiled (unsigned) .NET... More information
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A .NET library for converting numeric words into numbers.