• Apache NMS (.Net Standard Messaging Library): An abstract interface to Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) providers
  • Apache NMS (.Net Standard Messaging Library): Openwire implementation of Apache NMS API
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    • last updated 5/28/2011
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    An adapter to implement CommonServiceLocator on top of Unity
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    • last updated 2/4/2011
    • Latest version: 1.0.0
    YamlSerializer can serialize / deserialize most of native C# objects, i.e. primitive types (bool, char, int,...), enums, built-in non-primitive types (string, decimal), structures, classes and arrays of these types.
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    • Latest version: 1.0.4
    The Wakizashi suite of utilities solve some real world problems and is used in one of the world's largest investment banks. Currently, it includes a full featured validation framework, a lightweight but powerful workflow framework, and a few slim cache stores.