DidiSoft OpenPGP Library for .NET provides simple yet powerful API for working with PGP files, streams and messages. Online Tutorial with many examples can be found at https://www.didisoft.com/net-openpgp/examples/ API documentation can be found on the web... More information
DidiSoft OpenSSL Library for .NET is a managed .NET class library for C# and VB.NET developers. It provides simple cryptography API compatible with the original OpenSSL software (https://openssl.org) but without any external dependencies (this is not a wrapper over OpenSSL but a clean rewrite). With... More information
DidiSoft EmbeddedFS is a managed .NET filesystem contained in a single file or completely in-memory. Its API is very close to the one provided by System.IO. This is a paid commercial product with a free 30-day trial: - Trial mode: Download this package - Licensed mode: Purchase the product... More information