• 12,457 total downloads
    • last updated 11/20/2023
    • Latest version: 2.0.5
    HttpIot is a truly portable, zero-dependency, lightweight .NET standard Http server. It is easy-to-use and supports convenient routing. For more information visit the project site.
    • 10,621 total downloads
    • last updated 11/20/2023
    • Latest version: 3.2.0
    OaSharp is an OpenAPI C# REST server hosting library to be used with generated code by OaSharpGen. OaSharp requires only minimal dependencies (.NET standard and some additional nuget packages). No .NET core /... More information
    • 2,221 total downloads
    • last updated 9/6/2020
    • Latest version: 1.2.0
    • SDC 11073 REST HTTP
    A C# client for accessing SDC REST API functions of exisiting frameworks supporting the SDC REST API.
  • Randomeal is a small .NET standard library which implements a simplified genetic algorithm using randomization and self-adjusting simulated annealing for converging quickly to desired results. It can be used... More information