Superfast, lightweight (~100K), truly cross-platform AnyCPU POCO database for PCL, UWP Windows 10/Windows 8.1, WinPhone 8/8.1, .NET4/4.5/4.6, SL5, Xamarin.Android & Xamarin.iOS platforms. Features: * Async, sync & batch DB operations * Automatic and manual POCO mapping, PK automatic generation *... More information
MSBuild task to simplify implementation of INotifyPropertyChanged interface for WinRT, Silverlight 2+, .NET 2.0+, Windows Phone 7+, Portable Class Libraries. During compile time it injects supporting code in property setters: raising PropertyChanged event when value changed.
React/Flux principles for native C#/Xaml applications (Windows Store, Windows Phone, WPF, Silverlight)
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  • last updated 12/21/2012
  • Latest version: 1.0.0-rc5 (prerelease)
Lex DB Sync Framework