This package was originally built upon BlazorInputFile by Steve Sanderson at Microsoft. Update 11.27.2020: This project has now been converted to .Net 5. Please use a previous version for .Net Standard or .Net Core. Version 1.2.0+ has new... More information
This package contains a series of controls such as a LabelTextBoxControl, LabelComboBoxControl, LabelCheckBox, etc. This package was originally for .Net Framework, but I just ported it to .Net 5. It should all work, but we shall see.
A collection of components to make building a Blazor project simpler. So far only a ProgressBar, Sprite and a Validation component, now for .Net 5.0 This project uses a really awesome project called BlazorStyled by Chanen Braunstein (I think I spelled that right), which makes it simple to... More information
This project started off inside a Windows Forms project called Transparency Maker, which I have ported to a Blazor project that is live PixelDatabase.Net This project has been tested while I built PixelDatabase.Net, but I am sure more updates may be needed.
This is the runtime file for XmlMirror. The project home is This file must be deployed with any Xml Mirror project that involves parsers and / or writers.
This class is a port of DataJuggler.Net for the .Net Framework, which is used by DataTier.Net and DB Compare to read SQL Server database schema and code generate stored procedure driven data tiers. The two main classes are: SQLDatabaseConnector - A wrapper for SqlDatabaseConnection that reads... More information
This is a port of the Dot Net Core version of CryptographyHelper from my Dot Net Framework project DataJuggler.Core.UltimateHelper. The code is available here: This project adds many Nuget dependencies to use... More information
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  • Latest version: 1.2.2
PixelDatabase is a List of PixelInformation objects, that you can use LINQ expressions or Bitmap Query Language expressions to update images.
This is a direct port of RandomShuffler for Dot Net Framework. Everything should work the same. I am starting with the same version the Dot Net Framework was at, but since this is the first version for Dot Net Core, use with caution.
This item template creates two files, a DataWatcher and a Service. This package is meant to be installed via DataTier.Net, as there are few variables that have to replaced and I haven't figured out Dot Net Core replacement paremeters yet, so I am rolling my own replacement parameters after install.
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  • C# Helper Classes
This is a port of DataJuggler.UltimateHelper.Net that was ported to DataJuggler.UltimateHelper for .Net Core. To be consistent with Microsoft I am dropping Core from all my packages.