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Rebuild version. In this version, I will keep this library has the fastest JsonSerialize, and fix the converter extends a component. Rebuild the Cache module, use the IoC mode to provide the service.
In this package you can build your mvc core project quickly. This library can help you to create token, and get that when you want to use. You can inject the authmanager and ben's custome filter.
.NET 5Version LuanNiao's json extends use to handle the spectical case in System.Text.Json. Example: Js not support the full long type( if your number's length more than 20, you will got the error result) Then you can use Long2String to fix this case.
.Net5 Version We create this project case we need some base operation in the project. If you want to use the LuanNiao's other package, maybe you must dependent this package. You can see the detail info from the github page.