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Enable your applications to become high-throughput, cross-platform, full-duplex, stand-alone WebSocket servers and/or clients optimized for pushing real-time data to large number of connections. PowerWebSockets features lightweight JSON messaging, push-to-all, burst messaging, streaming API,... More information
Encapsula a criação de conexões e chamada aos métodos de um serviço SignalR. Ex.: SignalRCreateConnection exemploHub = new SignalRCreateConnection("http://localhost:8082/signalr", "ExampleHub"); SignalRCreateConnection notificationHub = new SignalRCreateConnection(host, "NotificationHub"); 1-... More information
Provides support for the general availability of an HttpContext in either WebHost or SelfHost scenarios. Use this in place of HttpContext when developing middleware, and add the HttpContextHandler first in line in your Web API message handler stack, to support HttpContext wherever your API is... More information