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  • lookup
Set of extensions for easy creation and manipulation of ILookups
Windows Azure Cache is a distributed, in-memory cache that increases performance by allowing you to store commonly accessed data in memory and reduces load on backend databases. The Windows Azure Cache NuGet package provides the cache client libraries that can be used to build applications to target... More information
DAWG (Directed Acyclic Word Graph) is a data structure for storing and searching large word lists while keeping your memory footprint small and lookups fast. DawgSharp is an open-source C# implementation featuring a linear time graph reduction algorithm and out-of-the-box persistence support.... More information
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  • whois lookup parsing
A .NET Framework 4.5.2 and Standard 2.0 WHOIS Lookup and Parsing Library
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  • DNS Lookup Dig
A .Net component for easily doing DNS lookups