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AsyncModules provide a simple way to built active objects (objects with a dedicated background thread for asynchronous execution of tasks). bbv.Common.AsyncModule is a part of bbv.Common, a library of .NET components and functionality including: * (a)synchronous notification component... More information
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The wait-free queue is a high-performance thread-safe queue that does not require synchronised access. It is ideal for real-time applications such as graphical simulations and games.
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Multi-threading work scaffolding, used to quickly create multi-threaded work code. 多线程工作脚手架,用于快速创建多线程工作代码。
An easy to use, simple yet feature-rich open-source framework for writing middlewares in the form of a low resource footnote Windows services, Linux Daemons or as micro-service. Takes care of multi-threaded service granular scheduling, shutdowns, restarts, error recovery.