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iText is a PDF library that allows you to CREATE, ADAPT, INSPECT and MAINTAIN documents in the Portable Document Format (PDF): - Generate documents and reports based on data from an XML file or a database - Create maps and books, exploiting numerous interactive features available in PDF - Add... More information
Portable.Licensing is a cross platform software licensing framework which allows you to implement licensing into your application or library. It provides you all tools to create and validate licenses for your software. Portable.Licensing is uses cryptographic algorithms to help you ensure that your... More information
The LicenseSpot .net copy protection library provides licensing functionality to windows forms, ASP.NET, components and SharePoint applications. Features include: - Online activation server - Trials and time limited licenses - Hardware locked licensing - Network and floating licenses -... More information
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  • last updated 11/25/2021
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  • dotnet license
A Dotnet library designed to build, sign and verify product licenses. Has the ability to add multiple serial numbers (for add-ons), as well as be extended by implementing and adding ILicensePart to the license.