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This is a web component based on SAEA.Sockets. It is lightweight, high performance, easy to use and self hosting. 这是一个基于SAEA.Sockets的web组件,轻量高性能,使用简便,自宿主。https://github.com/yswenli/SAEA/tree/master/Src/SAEA.HttpTest。
This is a most simple and stupid server framework commponent include WebSocket/Socket/HTTP/MySQL, base on rule of 'Keep It Simple,Stupid'. All your logic work in A single main thread, you don't need to worry about multithreading proplem, you process the WebSocket/Socket/HTTP in JSONData format from... More information
SecureBlackbox is a comprehensive suite of Internet security components Before using the product a valid license must be installed. To activate a 30-day trial license navigate to the package installation directory on disk and run the command: dotnet ./install-license.dll To activate a full... More information