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Free FireWall native Geo-country code API with limited accuracy. The Package adds functionality to NuGet package Walter.Web.Firewall More information on how to use this Add-On is available in this manual https://www.asp-waf.com/download/ASP-WAF-FireWall-Getting-Started.pdf This free... More information
Use MaxMind Geo data service or API keys to make the Walter.Web.IFireWall interface geographically aware allowing you to block requests for certain countries and enables you to render a different result based on the region or country the request came from. The Package adds functionality to... More information
Cookie store for use with the firewall allowing to not store any GDPR data in cookies but keep all references local. You can read and write these cookies using the User in the page request object that is injected in all your controllers. To integrate the Cookie Store database use the... More information
The Package adds E-Mail based reporting functionality to NuGet package Walter.Web.Firewall and allows for the logging of incidents via E-Mail by using a E-Mail buffer and sends the emails at configured intervals. The NuGet package is easily activated by dependency injection during service... More information
Package that enable SQL Server database storage and logging to NuGet package Walter.Web.Firewall The NuGet package is easily activated by dependency injection during service configuration services.AddFireWall(FireWallTrial.License, FireWallTrial.DomainKey , domainName: new... More information
This is a .NET Library for communicating to a Check Point management server via the Web API.
HTTP request gatekeeper that uses LINQ validation rules on custom rule sets to keep your site safe
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Library to control Window Firewall. This library use C:\Windows\System32\FirewallAPI.dll and C:\Windows\System32\hnetcfg.dll libraries. It is based on COM.