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Feature Flags created by developers for developers with ❤️. ConfigCat lets you manage feature flags across frontend, backend, mobile, and desktop apps without (re)deploying code. % rollouts, user targeting, segmentation. Feature toggle SDKs for all main languages. Alternative to LaunchDarkly. Host... More information
Harness Feature Flags (FF) is a feature management solution that enables users to change the software’s functionality, without deploying new code. FF uses feature flags to hide code or behaviours without having to ship new versions of the software. A feature flag is like a powerful if statement.
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  • last updated 3/4/2022
  • Latest version: 1.0.2
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Very easy feature flags
This package contains extensions for the 'Microsoft.FeatureManagement' package. It enables additional ways of setting feature-flag behavior via the 'appsettings.json' configuration. For example: - AggregateFeatureFilter: Can be used to only enable specific features for all available... More information
This package contains the FeatureFlagManager abstract class and interface, and can be used to implement a feature manager, like for example the 'Microsoft.FeatureManagement' manager as in the package 'NOW.FeatureFlagExtensions.DependencyInjection.FeatureManagement'.