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  • C# Dijkstra graph
Dijkstra’s Algorithm (a generalization of breadth-first search) in C#. Declare your own Nodes and Edges to define the graph and let the algorithm find the best path to the target Node.
FloodSpill is a fast multi-purpose flood-fill algorithm for C#. It lets you run a flood in two-dimensional space, configure it with your own conditions and callbacks and choose between FIFO, LIFO or priority-based order for processing positions. Includes possibility of performing scanline-fill for... More information
MoreStructures is a library of classical algorithms and data structures, written 100% in (safe, managed) C# 10, for .NET 6 and above. Data structures - Stacks, Queues, Priority Queues, Disjoint Sets, Trees, Graphs, Suffix Trees, Suffix Tries. Algorithms - Strings sorting and matching. Lists... More information