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This project enhances LINQ to Objects with the following methods: Acquire, Aggregate (some EXPERIMENTAL), AggregateRight, Append, Assert, AssertCount, AtLeast, AtMost, Await (EXPERIMENTAL), AwaitCompletion (EXPERIMENTAL), Backsert, Batch, Cartesian, Choose, CountBetween, CompareCount, CountBy,... More information
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[OBSOLETE, USE Tyrrrz.Extensions INSTEAD] Collection of extension methods for rapid application development
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  • C# Extensions
Set of C# extension to write cleaner code. Extensions can be use in LinkQ, Rx Extensions and anywhere yo can use an extension. For example: 'if (obj == null)' can be use as 'obj.IfNull(() => .....)' there are tons of unit test samples
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  • c# Extensions
Groundwork.Extensions are a series of extension methods for the C# language to help make development a little easier.