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Adds a rich text area field type to Umbracos forms. This rich text area settings can be changed using the Forms RTE data type.
Umbraco DB Sync is a simple package that will allow you to sync documents and properties to tables and rows in a SQL Database (via Entity Framework). This can be helpful if you want to keep the data in Umbraco but also need to keep a SQL Database up-to-date. The synchronization is controlled via... More information
An app plugin to Our.Shield.Core Umbraco Cms package adding the popular error logging library ELMAH to umbraco. Adds the ability to handle restricting access to ~/elmah.axd via white/black list of IP Addresses or whether the user is logged in as an authorised Umbraco User
Adds Swagger to your Umbraco Installation with the ability to lock down the Url to only be accessed by logged in Umbraco Users and/or to a collection of IP address(es)