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Normally when you look at Exception.StackTrace, it looks pretty bad for async method calls, and doesn't even include line numbers when it's run on a device like Phone which lacks PDBs. This package provides an alternative, Exception.StackTraceEx(), which has cleaned up async output, and which... More information
Backtrace's integration with C# applications allows customers to capture and report handled and unhandled C# exceptions to their Backtrace instance, instantly offering the ability to prioritize and debug software errors.
FrankJob.Log is a .NET library that creates a new log level for log4net and uses Newtonsoft Json.NET to serialize log data in json format.
A simple and Libary for highlighting .NET stack traces. It converts a Stack Trace (String) in to an html highlighted (beautified) String
The package to Log any exceptions, Information or any messages on a log file. it creates a log file inside the Application path and keeps logging on file with the date and time, and user.